Easy as 1, 2, 3

Did you know that a head-to-toe exfoliation BEFORE you apply any sunless tanning product is one of the most important (and often skipped) steps? Exfoliation not only helps with skin cell turnover, but overall skill health. It prepares the skin to absorb the tan stick resulting in a longer lasting, more evenly fading sunless tan.


Swipe on and Rub in

Wake up & GLOW!

Curb Appeal Beauty’s patent pending, three-step sunless tanning line is formulated to be used together and truly deliver superior results.

STEP ONE THE Exfoliator & THE Activator Scrub are a customizable exfoliation product formulated to be used on your entire body – that’s right, face, body, AND feet. Simply mix the two products together using more or less of THE Activator Scrub crystals depending on how aggressive you want to be (more crystals = more aggressive).

Another option for complete customization is to use little or no water for an aggressive exfoliation and more water for a gentle exfoliation or for sensitive skin. There are countless ways to use and customize this product! Exfoliate your entire body, rinse, and dry off completely before applying THE Tan Stick.

STEP TWO THE Tan Stick is an innovative tanning product that glides on clear and is formulated with clean ingredients. Swipe the tan stick in long, even swipes concentrating on one area of the body at a time. Then use the included gloves to really rub the product in before moving on to the next area. For best results, slightly overlap your swipes then rub.

STEP THREE WAKE UP GLOWING Once you are finished applying the tan stick, wait ten minutes, hop into bed and wake up GLOWING! Remember that if the product doesn’t dry completely, that’s actually a good thing. The product sits on top of the skin all night and acts like an anti-aging serum.

But Wait … There’s MORE! Ever tried to tan that Bermuda Triangle on your back that you just can’t reach? Tired of the acrobatics or asking a significant other to help? Well, Curb Appeal Beauty has your back – literally! Our “We’ve Got Your Back” Back Applicator makes reaching and tanning your back easy. Simply swipe THE Tan Stick across 12-18 inches of the back applicator and shimmy your way to a flawless tan back. You’re welcome.

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