What is your product philosophy?

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Curb Appeal Beauty is proud to offer products that are PETA Certified Cruelty-Free and Vegan. We also commit to formulating without parabens, phthalates, sulfates, artificial dyes, and artificial fragrances.

Where can I purchase Curb Appeal Beauty products?

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Curb Appeal Beauty products are sold online at www.curbappealbeauty.com, on Instagram and Facebook @curbappealbeauty and in select day spas and boutiques around the country.

Why is there only one shade of THE Tan Stick?

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Because THE Tan Stick was formulated to mimic the shade of tan your skin naturally goes in the sun, we have eliminated the need for multiple color options. The Curb Appeal Beauty sunless tan is a glow that mirrors your skin’s color tone, looking more natural and radiant than other sunless tanning products.

How does the Oops Buffer Work?

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Even the most seasoned sunless tanners might wake up with an oops or a mistake or two. If you have an “oops,” mix an equal amount of THE Exfoliator and THE Activator Scrub together with little or no water and create a paste-like mask. Put the mixed mask on areas of the body that have too much tan or an “oops” and allow to sit for no more than 5-10minutes. Buff off with a dry washcloth to help blend tan marks. Rinse completely.

How can I customize and get a more aggressive exfoliation?

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One of our favorite parts of the Curb Appeal Beauty line is the ability to Customize your exfoliation experience! Having a separate face, body, and feet exfoliants are in the past! Simply mix more or less of THE Activator Scrub microdermabrasion crystals to THE Exfoliator based on your preference and skin type. A lot of users like to use less scrub on their face and way more on their legs and feet. Customize your way to the ultimate at-home exfoliation!

How many of THE Activators Scrub microdermabrasion crystals do I need?

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One Activator Scrub microdermabrasion crystals is included with EVERY purchase of THE Exfoliator. If you like a mild exfoliation, this will be plenty. HOWEVER, many users prefer a more aggressive exfoliation, and if that is the case, we recommend that you add on an additional THE Activator Scrub when you purchase for $22. This gives you more freedom to be as aggressive as you want.

How often should I use THE Exfoliator?

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Because this is a spa level exfoliation, we recommend using THE Exfoliator and THE Activator Scrub once a week for the body and one to two times a week for face and hands. 

How often should I apply THE Tan Stick?

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Because THE Tan Stick fades more evenly and lasts longer than other tanning products, it is recommended to use THE Tan Stick once per week on your entire body and twice per week for face and hands, as those areas of the body tend to get washed more and have a higher cell turnover rate than other parts of the body.

Should I use my nightly serums and products after applying THE Tan Stick?

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No! Because THE Tan Stick acts more like an antiaging serum and less like other messy sunless tanning products, there is no need to apply product on top of it. In fact, you shouldn’t! Skip those nightly steps on the nights you use THE Tan Stick and just go to sleep – you will be so excited to wake up in the morning with your Curb Appeal Beauty glow!

How do I use THE Back Applicator?

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THE Back Applicator is a custom-designed tool designed to be used exclusively with THE Tan Stick. Prior to first-time use, make sure to clean and sanitize your back applicator. 

Simply swipe THE Tan Stick across the middle section of THE Back Applicator in up and down motions. Apply a generous amount of product covering approximately 12-18 inches.

Shimmy the back applicator back and forth AND up and down across your entire back until fully applied (repeat if desired – or just fun fun!).

How can I avoid making sunless tanning mistakes, or what should I do if I have one?

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Even the sunless tanning pros make a mistake every now and then. Some helpful hints are first to watch the Curb Appeal Beauty HOW TO video on YouTube or our website BEFORE you apply products! 

First and most important is to get a complete head-to-toe exfoliation before using THE Tan Stick.

If your feet, knees, or hands tend to soak up more product and go darker than you want, try applying a light layer of your favorite moisturizer to these areas before you use THE Tan Stick.

Email us at info@curbappealbeauty.com, and we would be happy to help answer any additional questions!

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