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For any aging beauty guru, the allure of those magic lotions and foams that promise to keep you looking younger and have your skin glowing - while keeping you out of the harmful rays of the sun that prematurely age you – is hard to resist. While the above mentioned lotions and foams do deliver, one simply cannot deny the hassle and mess of mainstream sunless tanning. Enter the first ever sunless tanning stick. Give us a minute to tell you why it had to be created.

Sunless tanning mishaps are almost a foregone conclusion to anyone that has ever dared to dabble. After Christi had to hide her orange, streaky hands during a family photo shoot and Tesla fell asleep after a spray tan with her hand on her stomach- leaving both an orange palm and white handprint outline on her body right before a romantic getaway - they knew they needed to create a sunless tanning product that was easy to use at home, natural looking, and mess free.

A product that wasn’t just for family photo sessions and sexy vacations but rather fit into your already existing anti-aging skin care regimen and was purposefully used on a regular basis. Lastly, a clean sunless tanning option that didn’t leave you painting artificial dyes and fragrances all over your body, only to have said ingredients ruin countless sheets, towels, and clothes. A tall order you say? We agree and got to work.

Christi and Tesla logged hundreds (o.k. thousands!) of hours traveling to ingredient trade shows, interviewing ingredient reps, trying literally every type of sunless tanning product under the sun (we were a LOT of different colors), combing the shelves of every brick-and-mortar store imaginable and consulting with countless R&D labs and chemists. Over five years of R&D and innovation and 150 plus formulation attempts and samples led to the patent-pending, first and only innovative Tan Stick being created.

Partnering with world-class chemists from around the globe and formulating with clean efficacious ingredients, ensure each Tan Stick delivers superior results that women of all ages love. Not only does the Tan Stick natural glow hide imperfections and take years off your age but gives every woman that added boost of confidence needed to not only face your day, but conquer it.

Curb Appeal Beauty is proud to be

100% female founded and owned, PETA Certified Cruelty Free and
Vegan, 100% recyclable and Made in the USA.

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