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Co-Founders Christi Hortin and Tesla Welch both graduated from Brigham Young University. Christi’s background in sales and business and Tesla’s background in public relations and marketing combine to make a powerful team. This 100% women-owned business believes in innovation, resourcefulness, women helping women and never giving up.


Because up to 90% of aging can be attributed to the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun, both Christi and Tesla knew that as they aged staying out of the sun and wearing a SPF daily was their number one defense against the signs of aging - wrinkles, sun spots and skin damage. However, being tan and having a glow was also the easiest way to look healthier and younger – the two simply did not mix!


Together they spent five plus year collaborating and formulating with chemists and formulators all over the world – from Tokyo to Paris and East Coast to the West Coast to create a sunless tanning line that acted more like an anti-aging skin care line and less like an afterthought or messy sunless tanning product.


Every aspect of our three-step sunless tanning system is truly innovative and a new product offering. From the customizable, spa-level glycolic acid exfoliation products to the Patent Pending Tan Stick and unique back applicator tool, each detail and step has multiple functions and gives superior results.


Both Christi and Tesla are thrilled to introduce Curb Appeal Beauty and provide women of all ages a safe way to get their sunless glow.

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