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Your customers are going to love that you are offering them a free Trial!

If your customer were to go to our website they would pay $45 for a Tan Stick, but you are giving them the opportunity to try it for free. We know that 80-90% of people that try the Tan Stick love it, so this is a win win. They will also be able to lock in VIP pricing and decide how often they would like to receive the Tan Stick. It is easy to pause or cancel any time.

This is a great way for you to make sales even when your customer doesn't come in all the time. Great offer to include in your monthly email blast!

Frequently Asked Questions


On average, how long does the tan last?

The tan last 7-10 days

When should I reapply?

Most people apply once a week. However, if you would like a darker tan you can apply more often. The tan is buildable.

How many uses do I get out of one stick?

4-6 Full Body Tans.

Do I need more than one coat?

We recommend overlapping swipes to ensure full coverage, but you do not need to do more than one application at a time.

Will the tan stick rub off onto my sheets and clothes?

No, because the product is dye free your beautiful sheets are safe.

Does the tanner ever look orange?

98% of focus group participants said the Tan Stick looked more natural than other tanning products on the market.

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