Step 1 THE Exfoliator & Step 2 THE Activator

Sold as one product but kept separate - No longer does the Curb Appeal woman have to take her exfoliation experience based on the amount of exfoliants manufactured in a product. THE Activator Scrub is designed to be custom added to THE Exfoliator based on the users desired amount of exfoliation needs. Less grains added for a gentler face exfoliation, and many more added for more aggressive body exfoliation

THE Exfoliator Glycolic Acid Mask is scientifically formulated to be used exclusively in combination with THE Activator Scrub prior to using THE Tan Stick, enhancing your skins ability to maximize absorption of THE Tan Stick - providing a longer lasting, more evenly fading natural-looking tan.

Combining the microdermabrasion crystals with the glycolic acid mask creates a whipped mousse texture.  This activating of ingredients allows for a completely customizable exfoliation experience to be used on both FACE and BODY, thus providing a spa-level treatment in the comfort of your own home.

*Cruelty Free     *Sulfate Free     *100% Dye Free      *Vegan      *Paraban Free      *No Artificial Fragrance


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